2010 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Best of Breed
& Group 4 Youth Winner

2012 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly BOSG Self  Winner

2013 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Agouti BOG & BOSG
and Broken BOSG Winner and Polish Chocolate BOV Winner

2014 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Broken Best Opposite of Breed
and Agouti BOG Winner

2015 Jersey Wooly Nationals BOG Broken Winner

We are located in Macomb County in Southeastern Michigan.

If you are looking for a Jersey Wooly breeder in your area, please visit
 www.njwrc.net and look under Breeder's Emails for a listing by state.

If you are looking for a Polish breeder in your area, please visit
 and look under Member's Directory  for a listing by state.


Show Quality
Jersey Wooly Rabbits
& Polish Rabbits For Sale located in Southeastern Michigan in Macomb County

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Proud Members Of ...

ARBA/American Rabbit Breeders Association

MSRBA/Michgian State Rabbit Breeders Association

NJWRC/National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club

Michigan State University
St. Clair County 4H Program






Welcome ~ Thistledown's Show Quality Jersey Wooly Rabbits & Polish Rabbits


Thank you to all the buyers for adding them to you rabbitry!

This is NOT "Good Bye", but "See You Later" at the next show ...

The Mills Family has completed another chapter and started a new one... 

We have decided to sell all of our rabbits.  This is one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make.  During the 7 short years that we have raised  and showed rabbits; we are very happy and proud to have accomplished what we did! We have created national/local winners, made wonderful unforgettable memories, crossed many things off our "bucket list", and MOST importantly created some lasting friendships that will continue on!  We have no regrets at all!  We will not disappear from the rabbit world, just become spectators and continue to cheer on all the current and future exhibitors!  Read more ...

2014 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Broken Best Opposite of Breed
and Agouti BOG Winner

More 2014 ARBA Convention Show Results!

Show Quality Jersey Wooly Rabbits For Sale
and Polish Rabbits For Sale in Southeastern Michigan

Mama Mia & 3 Week Old Babies

"Cuddle Time"


Thistledown Farm is a breeder of Jersey Wooly & Polish Rabbits in Southeastern Michigan.  We have  show quality Jersey Woolies rabbits for sale and Polish Rabbits for sale.

We are always expanding our herd.   We may at times have brood does, breeding bucks, and kits available for sale.

This new adventure started as a simple 4H Project!  And just like rabbits it just grew and multiplied. 

We are members the American Rabbit Breeders Association [ARBA], Michigan  Rabbits Breeders Association [MSRBA], National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club [NJWRC], and the American Polish Rabbit Club [APRC].

If you see something you are interested in, please email us at email@thistledown-farm.com or call us at 586-337-2771.

Thank you for visiting with us and have a "hoppy" day!
Anne, Don, Hannah, Madaleine & Iain Mills

Pictured Right:  2010 & 2014 ARBA Convention Awards and watercolor paintings of Majesty and Champ by Donna Wahl.


"Home Sweet Home"
Est. November 2011 ~


Jersey Woolies

Jersey Woolies are a dwarf rabbit breed.  The breed is a cross between an Angora and Netherland Dwarf.  The ideal weight of an adult is 3 pounds with a maximum of being 3.5 pounds.  The breed became an official ARBA Breed in 1988. 

Our herd consists of Agouti, Broken, Self, and Tan Groups.  We do like all the wonderful colors of the Jersey Woolies, however, our main goal is to develop a conformational balanced show quality herd.




The Polish Rabbit* is in fact an English breed developed in the late 1880s they were recognized by ARBA as a breed in 1938.  They have the nickname of the "Little Aristocrat" as this regal little rabbit breed is known.

Polish are considered a dwarf rabbit breed.  The ideal weight of an adult is 2.5 pounds with a maximum of being 3.5 pounds.  Large, bold, expressive eyes are a distinctive feature of the breed.

Right now our herd consists of Black, Broken, and Chocolate Varieties.  Again, our main goal is to develop a conformational balanced show quality herd.

* Photo courtesy of the American Polish Rabbit Club.

THANK YOU to all the breeders we have met along the way that have patient enough to answer our many questions, given us great advice, and taught us much about our loved Jersey Woolies and Polish.  We say a special  "Thank You" to ...  Niles, DeAnn, Nicole & Logan [Furry Treasurers Rabbitry], Kelsey Schultz [Royal Dream Rabbitry], Cody Pedlar [Cody's Rabbitry], Laura Sturdevant [Rose Meadow Rabbitry], Brian Hartzell [Hartzell's Rabbits], Brian Caudill [Caudill's Rabbitry], Debbie Russell [Little Spinner's Rabbitry], Ashley Felton [M an' M Rabbitry], Connie Riehl [Raisers Edge], Keith Rockwood [Raising R Rabbitry], Theresa & Cindy Ratzel [TJ's Rainbow Rabbitry] Adam McCabe [McCabe Rabbitry] ... and to the breeders that we have yet to meet!


Our Bunny Family ~

L to R:  Niles & DeAnn Boulier, Kelsey Schultz,
Logan Boulier, Maddie Mills, Anne Mills,
Iain Mills & Nicole Boulier
L to R: Kelsey Schultz, Niles & DeAnn Boulier,
 Logan Boulier, Krystal Smith, Anne Mills,
Nancy Hanchar, Iain Mills, Nicole Boulier & Maddie Mills

Friends ~
Since we have been showing rabbits we have met so many new friends who love the rabbit world like ourselves.  These new friendships get stronger at each show we attend and have also even grown stronger away from the show table as well.  We LOVE to show our rabbits, but what we love even more is the FUN we have at each show with our friends and future friends.  Please stop by and say "Hi!" we would love to meet you and get to know you {We can talk "rabbit talk" too if you want!}.

We ALL had a great time at the
2009 Michigan State Fair showing our rabbits.
[L to R] Iain, Hannah, Nicole, Logan [Our great friends of
Furry Treasurers Rabbitry] and Maddie.



 Why are we Thistledown Farm? ~

We wanted our rabbitry to include our family heritage.  Don has played the bagpipes for 20+ years and is a Pipe Major of Cabar Feidh Pipes and Drums.  He and his band compete at a few Highland Games every year.  We combined Scotland's thistle and the classic fantasy novel, written by English author Richard Adams, about a small group of rabbits, "Watership Down", for the name of our rabbitry.

 The prickly purple thistle, specifically the "Bull Thistle" is the national emblem of Scotland. Ever present in fields and pastures throughout Scotland.  The thistle has been Scotland's emblem for centuries. Its first use was as a royal symbol was on silver coins issued by James III in 1470.

The thistledown [white fluff] from the mature flower bulb is a favorite NESTING material for many birds and small wild animals, such as rabbits. It is NOT EATEN.



Show Quality Jersey Wooly Rabbits & Polish Rabbits For Sale in Michigan

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